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Fostering Sustainable Food Systems in Newfoundland: A Case Study of the West Coast Farmers’ Market

Lead Researcher and Department
Katie Temple, Research Assistant, and Dr. Angela Carter, Environmental Policy Institute (EPI), Grenfell Campus, Memorial University

Funding Resources
Harris Centre Applied Research Fund 2011-2012

This study attempted to assess the potential for a farmers’ market on the west coast of Newfoundland and Labrador, using the West Coast Farmers’ Market as a case study. An evaluation of this market was conducted from July 2011 – March 2012 to explore its challenges and success, and to seek potential ways forward for this specific market as well as for others in the province.

In order to assess the potential of a farmers’ market we committed to the following objectives:
1. To assess the supply and demand of locally produced food in western Newfoundland
2. To gather and analyze stakeholder views on the need and potential for developing farmers' markets in this region, as well as the barriers to its development
3. To examine farmers' market governance models in other jurisdictions
4. To evaluate current efforts to develop a farmers' market in reference to the case site of Corner Brook and to make practical recommendations for continued development at this site and in other communities in the province.

This research project is part of a larger study of food security in the Humber River Basin which examined the strengths and weaknesses of the local food system in the Humber River Basin through a community food security assessment.


Food security, Farmers market, Local food system

Corner Brook
Corner Brook - Rocky Harbour
Zone 8 - Humber

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