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School Gardens: Benefits and Sustainability in Rural NL

Lead Researcher and Department
Emily Doyle, Community Health and Humanities

Collaborators and Students
Dr. Martha- Traverso Yepez

Funding Resources
Harris Centre Strategic Partnership Research Fund

I will develop a pilot study at St. Francis School in Harbour Grace, which is one of the few school gardens in NL. The St. Francis school greenhouse program is a unique example of innovation in the province with regards to health, the environment, agriculture, and education. The pilot study will include key informant interviews with parents, teachers, and community leaders involved or interested in the project. The goal of the interviews is: to investigate the start and evolution of the program; analyze facilitators and deterrents for keeping the program running; identify benefits of the program; and become familiar with key aspects to maintain sustainability.

January 2013/ January 2014

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Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Industry Sectors
Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting
Educational services

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