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Training and Development for a Successful Tourism Industry in Newfoundland: A Literature Review

Lead Researcher and Department
Bronwyn Cass, Faculty of Business Administration

Funding Resources
The Strategic Partnership - Harris Centre Student Research Fund

This project involves a review of the literature on training and development, tourism training, and rural tourism. The aim is to identify information that may contribute to a successful tourism industry in Newfoundland, Canada. A set of considerations is provided for the purpose of understanding training and development needs in a rural context. The literature review aims to interpret previous research in order to condense it into practical and accessible information for tourism professionals and policy makers in the province. Findings suggest that cooperation among stakeholders is critical to the success of the rural tourism industry.


tourism, training, development, literature

Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Industry Sectors
Management of companies and enterprises
Accommodation and food services

Thematic Categories
Tourism and Recreation
Human Resources (Business)

Faculty of Business Administration (STJ)