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The Role of International Medical Graduates in the Provision of Physician Services in Atlantic Canada

Lead Researcher and Department
Dr. Rick Audas, Division of Community Health and Humanities, Amanda Ross, David Vardy, Harris Centre, Memorial University

Funding Resources
Atlantic Metropolis (Economics Domain); Department of Human Resources, Labour and Employment; Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University; Harris Centre

The growing shortage of physicians in Canada is the result of a number of factors. These include changes in policy, an aging population and a group of practicing physicians nearing retirement. Canada has always recruited International Medical Graduates. The problems faced by physicians immigrating to the Atlantic Provinces are discussed as well as policy alternatives which will assist in remedying the shortages. Areas for further research are identified.


Physicians; Recruitment; Retention

Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
New Brunswick, Canada
Nova Scotia, Canada
Prince Edward Island, Canada

Industry Sectors
Health care and social assistance
Offices of physicians (Health care and social assistance — Ambulatory health care services)

Thematic Categories
Physicians (Health)

Harris Centre (STJ)
Community Health and Humanities, Faculty of Medicine (STJ)