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Labrador Marine Transportation Study: Phase II

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Public Policy Research Centre, Memorial University

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Department of Transportation and Works

This report deals with the longer term options for providing service to isolated communities of Labrador following the completion of the Trans-Labrador Highway. It recommends the establishment of Happy Valley-Goose Bay as the staging port because of its existing port and transshipment infrastructure.

Three options for service have been identified. Option A involves the continued use of the Northern Ranger for passengers and freight, along with a freight-only vessel similar to the Trans Gulf. Option B calls for the Northern Ranger to be sold while a combined freight and passenger vessel is acquired which will reduce the fleet effectively to a single, multi-purpose vessel. A design for this vessel has been provided by a naval architect. Option C would provide for the sale of the Northern Ranger and the lease of a replacement vessel for the Trans Gulf, which would carry freight only, with passenger travel addressed through subsidized air travel.


Labrador Marine Service; Marine transportation; Coastal service

Zone 1 - Nunatsiavut Government
Zone 3 - Central Labrador
Zone 4 - Aurora
Zone 5 - Labrador Straits

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Water transportation (Transportation and warehousing)
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Marine Transportation (Transportation)
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